Interest Groups


California Campaign Finance Reform Page



A Special Bulletin - Protest Internet Censorship
American Journalism Review
Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression
CACI: Children Accessing Controversial Information
Censorship & the Arts in Canada
Censorship at Carnegie Mellon
Center for Democracy and Technology
Charlotte's Web
Child Safety on the Internet
Chronicle of Freedom of Expression in Canada
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Communications Decency Act
Controlling Access to the Internet
Cyber Rights
Death Of Cyber-Culture, The
Debate continues to heat up over sex on the Net
Do the Arts Need the NEA?
EFF Online Activism Organization List
FAQ - Internet Parental Control
Federal Communications Law Journal
Help Senator Leahy Fight The CDA!
Index - Your Rights in Cyberspace
Law and Order Comes to Cyberspace
Media = distortion / Internet = truth
Media Literacy OnLine Project
MIT Student Association for Freedom of Expression
Net Politics
Obscenity of Decency
Online Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy
Privacy 101
Protecting Children in Cyberspace
S.314 Info (Sign the Petition!)
See/Hear/Speak No Evil
Senate Debate and NPR Stories on Exon Ammendment
Sex, Censorship, and the Internet
Target: Cyberspace
The File Room (Censorship Archives)
Usenet -



Microstate Resources
Nonproliferation Resources
Sustainable Development
The Monday Lobby Group
Transportation Management
UN Conference on Population (Cairo)
Voices of Youth - World Summit for Social Development



Alaska Outdoor Council
Animal health, well-being, and rights
Animal Rights Resource Site
CERN Virtual Library of Environmental Resources
DDT Myths
Emerald Web (Pacific Northwest)
Environmental Education
Environmental Issues
Environmental Issues Resource Center
ESA Today - Endagered Species Action Alerts
Exposing Acid Rain
Exposing Dioxin Myths
Federal Wetlands Policy
Global Warming: Inventing an Apocalypse
Guide to Environmental Resources on the Internet
List O'Lists of Environmental Resources
MESH's Environment Links
Ozone Action
Ozone Hole Myths
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club
Prince William Sound: Getting the Story Right
Pure Water Alliance
Quotes From Environmental Radicals
Refuting Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect
Relief - Disasters that need your attention now
Sensible Pollution Control
The EcoJustice Network
Water, Seas, Oceans, and Rivers
Wildlife Conservation



British View on Road Privitization
Center for Labor Education and Research - University of Hawai'i
Class War
Contract with America Analysis
Fight the Contract with America
Holt Labor Library
Immigration and the Welfare State
Multinational Monitor
Nafta Impact Update
National Deficit/ Debt Feedback Form
National People's Campaign to Defeat the Contract ON America
Problems With Minimum Wage Laws
Save the U.S. Department of Commerce
Take the 1980's Test!
The Benefits of Privitization
The Foreign Aid Disaster
What Went Right in the 1980's
Why Support the Free Market?
Workers of America



Against Intellectual Property
Censorship at CMU
Center for Labor Education and Research - University of Hawai'i
Education and Youth Gopher
SAVE - Students Advocating Valid Education
Separation of State and School Alliance
Students for a Better America
Supporting School Choice/Free Market Education
Supporting School Choice/Free Market Educaton #2
The School Choice Revolution
The Supreme Court on the Establishment Clause
Young America's Foundation



Affirmative Action Myths Exposed
African American Activism Resources
Indigenous Peoples Resources
Minorities on Affirmative Action
Race Bias Shown at UCLA Law School
Race, Ethnicity and Diversity
The Growing Conservatism of Black America
The NAACP Rockford Chapter



Firearms & Liberty
Firearms & Liberty
Firearms, Individual Rights, and Politics
Journal for Patriotic Justice in America
Kansas State Rifle Association
On Responsible Gun Ownership
Oregon Gun Page
Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights
Reverse FIRE
Right to Keep and Bear Arms file collection
Second Amendment Stuff
The Oregon Shooting Page
Tim M. Casey Firearms
Wayne J. Warf's RKBA Page



Californians For Compassionate Use Petition
Guide To Women's Health Issues
Health Care is Not a Right
Health Policy (US)
Medicare Page
Plausible Health Care Reform
Stop Fetal Tissue Research
The "Right" to Health Care
The Clinton Health Care Disaster
We Can Have Affordable Health Care



Abuse and Violence Gopher
Assault Prevention Information Network
Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
CARAL: CA Abortion Rights Action League
College Right to Life Connection
Communities and Family
Comprehensive Human Rights Initiative
DrugText USA
Group 133 Amnesty International Site
Human Rights
Human Rights Reports - from the International Student Festival in Trondheim
Human Rights Web
Individual Rights in America: A Citizen's Guide to Internet Resources
Interfaith Working Group
John Birch Society
Justice (including Social Justice)
PeaceNet's Human Rights Gopher
Prison-related resources
Pro-Life News
Refugee Resources Directory
Relief - Disasters that need your attention now
Stop Fetal Tissue Research
The Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law - Human Rights Brief
The Human Rights Source
The Polly Klaas Foundation<



Latin American Resources
Microstate Resources
Paul Teale/Karla Homolka Information Site
Political Hotspot of the Week (International)
Red Electional Alliance - Norway
The Foreign Aid Disaster
World Neighbors
American Politics advertising
American Politics advertising


Interest Groups


American Postal Workers Union - APWU (Philadelphia, PA) Atlanta Federation of Teachers, Local 1565, AFL-CIO
Center for Labor Education and Research - University of Hawai'i
Coalition of University Employees
Communication Workers of America - CWA Local 6143
Graphic Communications International Union Local 14-M
Holt Labor Library
Ironworkers Local 361 (New York)
IWW - Hoosier Slim's Wobbly Page
Kentucky Association of State Employees (KASE/AFT Local 4590)
Labor Neighbor Bulletin Board
Metropolitan Detroit Council of Newspaper Unions
Multinational Monitor
Multinational Monitor
National Association of Letter Carriers
National Association of Letter Carriers, Boulder, Louisville and Lafayette CO, Branch 642
SEIU Local 1983 - California Faculty Association
Southeast Massachussetts Maritime Employees Association
Stone Cutters Union of North America
Union Plus
United Auto Workers New Directions (gopher)
Wire Service Guild
Workers of America





"Takings" Resource Page
Act Locally!
Charlotte's Web
Conspiracy, Control & ??????
Electronic Activist
Index - Calyx Internet Access - Activist Links on the Internet
Index - Guide to Internet Firearms Information Resources
Index - Links for those with conscience and consciousness
Index - Political Activism Resource Server
Martin, Boyd - Renegade Citizen
Noam Chomsky Archive
Paul Teale/Karla Homolka Information Site
Political Action Resources
Political Activism Links
Political Activism Resources
Private Property and the Takings Clause
Property Rights Denied: A True Life Story
Property Rights Support the Environment
Santa Barbaridad
Save Old Glory from Flames!
Secure Louisiana
Seed, The
Space Activism Home Page
Spamily's Politics Page
Student Space Action Petition
Student Space Awareness Pro-Space Station Petition
Students for a Better America
The Activist's Oasis
The Best Congress Money Can Buy
The Conspiracy Pages
The Sky Is Not Falling
The Supreme Court on the Establishment Clause
The Ultimate Political Resource List
The World According to Helms - Jesse Helms Speaks
We Do The Work - TV series (gopher)
Why Drugs Should be Re-Legalized
William F. Buckley on the War on Drugs
Youth Resources Directory



Abuses of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Anarchy (Bakunin, Proudhon & Kropotkin)
Anarchy List
Attacking dogmatism! Our social/political/economic spiral
Calyx's Watch the Fascists
Civic Center
Congress in a Nutshell
Crossover Network: A New Generation of Christian Conservatives
Democracy and Internet Workgroup
Democracy Direct
Digital Anarchy
Doug Ingram's News & Politics Page
Index - Political Links
Interactive Democracy
Interactive Democracy II
Jay's Leftist and "Progressive" Internet Resources Directory
John Birch Society
Lead...or Leave
League of Women Voters - Voter Information
Microstate Resources
Monkeywrench Press
Net Politics
On Quotas and Politics
Penn State Young Americans for Freedom (PS-YAF)
Pink Noise - Political Investigations
Plan B: for managing civilization
Political Corrections
Political Investigations
Political Participation Project
Politics Electronic Mail List
Politics in San Jose, Silicon Valley, and the Nation
Power Vote
Proportional Representation
Public Citizen
Radical Politics Gopher
Republican Watch
Right Side of the Web
Solidarity Group Political Prisoners
Spunk Press Home
Term Limits
The Anti-Rush Limbaugh Home Page
The Art of Political Campaign
The Best Congress Money Can Buy
The Everlasting GOP-Stopper
The Monday Lobby Group
Third Path, A
Transmissions From the Freeside
Utah Anarchism and Revolution
What's Newt - keeping track of Newt Gingrich
Women Leaders Online